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From my clients:


I have had many compliments on my nails wherever I go. I am so pleased with the work Tawana does. Her gels are awesome. I was very glad to find her.

by Shadee

kudzu review 2-27-2008

Tawana is such an amazing person=) She loves the business she is in, you can tell from the moment you meet her. She is very professional yet makes you feel right at home. If you have been looking for an LCN nail tech. in las vegas you have found her! I promise you will get compliments on your LCN nails everyday! It is truly that amazing. -loyal customer of Tawana.

by Globeauty

kudzu review 2-27-2008

Best nails ever

I have had my nails done for the past 20 years. I would have to say that this is the first time that I have been completely satisfied. Tawana is the best. If you want it she can do it..... Thanks Tawana

by Satisfied1

kudzu review 2-27-2008

The best service and the best product!

The service Tawana gives is terrific and the product (LCN) she uses is the best. My nails have never looked better. I love the gel and would recommend Tawana to everyone.

by Kathydeedahl

kudzu review 2-27-2008

Never been more impressed!

I have never been happier with my nails! Tawana is truely talented and a pleasure to be around! She really cares about the health and quality of each clients nails. I have been complimented numerous times each day since I have had my LCN gel nails done by her, she is very creative and a perfectionist! You will not find another nail technichian with more pure talent and passion than Tawana possesses! I highly recommend her, and hope you will really treat yourself to getting your fingers/toes done by her, I guarantee you will be 100% happy and feel not only better about your looks but also in a better mood once you have sat in her chair! Thank you, Mama Tawana!

by KamilleVicious

kudzu review 2-27-2008

Wonderful, personal service

Tawana has been doing my nails for 8 months now, and she is by far the best nail tech I've ever gone to. I've worn fake nails for 10 years, but these are the first nails I've had that stay put and don't chip, and they look so much better than my old acrylic nails. I highly recommend her services.

by Erbear212

kudzu review 2-28-2008


I've been getting my nails done now for well over 16 years, and I have never had such beautiful and STRONG nails!! I always thought that gel meant weak, but let me tell you, the products and technique Tawana uses is the BEST!! I get compliments daily on my nails and toes!! Gel toes are perfect for the summer time and those of you that go to the beach, lake, pool.....they don't chip!! You have to go to Tawana at least once, you'll NEVER go anywhere else again!!

by Crithasue

kudzu review 2-28-2008

love it!

Tawana is an amazingly talented woman. Ive never received more compliments on my nails than I do now! The products are fantastic! I would never go back to acrylic!

by Hawaiitat21

kudzu review 3-2-2008

Beautiful Nails!!!!

I've been going to Tawana for about a year now and I have never had such good nail service. The amount of compliments I get is insane!!...Just about daily. She genuinely cares about each customers needs. Everything she uses is clean, she's friendly and does great work. The quality gel she uses is very lightweight and I have never experienced breakage, or lifting. I would recommend Tawana to any women who appreciates beauty and I have!

by Aaiken07

kudzu review 3-3-2008

Great Quality Nails

My name is LeAnn and I get my nails done by Tawana. My nails always look good, never chip and when they're grown out I still get compliments because there is no visible lifting with her product. She is very personable and genuinly cares about the health of your nails. That's why she uses toxic free product. I will only go to her to get my nails done.

by LeAnneepoo

kudzu review 3-17-2008

Relaxing and Professional

I have not been one to have a pedicure but maybe 3 times a year. But, after finding Tawana I have been very consistent and already had 3 pedicures this year. I find her pedicures to be very relaxing, music, aroma, light in the room just right, the foot massage to be soothing, and the whole experience to reach my expectations along with being very professionally done. I am an owner of a retail business and have high expectations to get what I pay for and I do with Nails by Tawana.

by Jillthemom

kudzu review 3-30-2008

Thanks Tawana!

Thanks to Tawana, my nails look better than they ever have! No lifting or chipping, and I constantly get compliments on my nails. I also have the gel on my toe nails and they really look great! I highly recommend Tawana and the LCN nails, for the best looking nails you can have!

by LLLori

kudzu review 3-31-2008

Beautiful Nails

I love having gel nails. I will never go back to acrylics. The LCN products are fantastic. They never lift or chip and are healthy for my nails. I have never had so many compliments on my nails. Tawana is very friendly and I would highly recommend her. She is #1 in my book for quality, service and value!!!

by Monasplace

kudzu review 4-4-2008

Best Nail Technician I have ever had!!

Tawana is the best! I am really rough on my nails and used to break them all the time, that is until I started going to Tawana!!! She is the greatest!

by Ally14

kudzu review 4-20-2008

Outstanding quality-Exceptional Service

My primary residence is in CO, but we spend a great deal of time at our home at Lake Las Vegas. On our last trip, I was in dire need of a rebase for my laquer nails. Unable to locate a technician who did this type of product and feeling more than a little embarrased by the grow-out, I found Tawana on Kudzu. The LCN gel product she uses is excellent (I've tried to find it in Denver to no avail!); but more importantly, Tawana is truly an exceptional professional. She is both knowledgable and friendly, a wonderful combination. I will continue to see her whenever I am in NV.

by TammyCoffman

kudzu review 4-20-2008

Superior Quality and Service

I would so recommend Tawana to anyone looking for wonderful service, a great experience and a super attitude! She'll make you feel pampered and special! Thanks Tawana!

by Shananddan

kudzu review 4-20-2008


I have tried every salon, everything, and it wasn't until I had my nails done by Tawana that I can say I'm completely satisfied! Not only is she fun to be around, but also great at what she's doing. I love the LCN gel and how it makes my nails look so natural. In fact I have it both on my hands and feet. I highly recommend Tawana!

by Norgirl

kudzu review 4-21-2008

Wow! I have great looking nails!

A friend recommended using the LCN concept on my nails because, I have sensitve skin and usually don't get manicures. Tawana is very understanding and let me try the gel on one finger to see if I would have a reaction to it...I waited a few weeks and had no problems...I just went for a french manicure and love how my nails look!

by Girlsmom

kudzu review 4-23-2008

Best in Town

Tawana not only does a beautiful job on nails or feet but she is a joy to be around. She loves what she does and it shows as her customers leave. They are wearing Tawana's product.

by Gwlax57

kudzu review 4-23-2008


Tawana provides a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. She makes you feel welcome, comfortable and pampered all at the same time!

by NikkiGirl

kudzu review 4-26-2008

Love my nails!

I am new to the LCN's by Tawana, but so far, I love it! My nails look so natural, and Tawana is so accommodating, even to her newest customers! I will never go back to a regular manicure by anyone else again!

by DMuller

kudzu review 6-21-2008

LCN Nails are the way to go!

LCN nails are the best things I have ever spent money on. They are long lasting, they don't damage your nails, and they are so cute! They aren't the cheapest things, but I love them and they are worth every penny. The service is outstanding and Tawana is a very friendly person who always cares for your nails. You won't regret this purchase.

bu JuliaS

kudzu review 8-23-2008

Awesome Service

This is a great place. Worth the drive, Tawana is awesome. I have the ugliest hands in the world and LCN's with Tawana's help make them look pretty. They are very durable and can take on any look; classic, crazy or fun whatever you feel like. Tawana is very professional. I drive from Summerlin to see her. She is worth it!

by Milocoop

kudzu review 2-23-2009

Hi Tawana

Great site. You are the Nail Diva Baby!!

Oh! You used my toe pictures on your toe page. I feel so "Special" I love you for making me feel like a celeberty!! XOXO Mauh!

by Stephanie Smith-Brown

guest book 4-18-2009

Great new site, Tawana

Thanks for making my nails so lovely!

by Jill DeLuce

guest book 4-18-2009

Tawana. Cool website.

Love your work. See you soon.

by Pat Davis

guest book 4-18-2009

You are amazing Tawana!

Thanks for the many therapy sessions! Haha

by Heather Full

guest book 4-19-2009

This is an awesome website.

I really enjoyed looking at all of the different designs. Now, I have some ideas for what I want in the future.

by Meghan Bone

guest book 4-19-2009

Love the website.

It is also awesome that we can text you too I love that. If I could only get my mom to text I would be all set. wink wink.

by Jeanette Dawes

guest book 4-20-2009

I have never been the type to get my nails done...

...but with my new position at work I am constantly on the road and I hate when my nails look un-kept. I heard that gels could give you a clean look without the worries of polish chipping. Tawana has been doing my nails for 4 months and I couldn't be happier. They feel incredibly natural and look better than they ever have before!

by Sarah Cochran

guest book 4-22-2009

I love your website and my gel toes!!!

I get compliments on my toes everywhere I go because of you!

by Amy Vanik

guest book 4-22-2009

Oh Tawana  :)

we love you, and our nails :)

by Sarah and Rachael

guest book 4-22-2009

Tawana is fast and funny and creative and friendly.

She listens to me describe what I want and understands what I"m saying and just does it. She is the best.

by Lisa DuVernay

guest book 4-22-2009

Tawana... the best.............

by Debbie Nonamaker

guest book 4-22-2009

It has been over 3 weeks since my last visit.

You realize nails done by any other than you would not have held up and looked this good for this long.  You are trulyy die Gottin of nails!

by Paula Colgan

email 4-23-2009


You are the best!

by Bonnie Murdock-Spencer

guest book 4-23-2009

Love your work.

Keep it up  :-)

by ShaLonda Palmore II

guest book 4-23-2009

Tawana thank you for making my nails look gorgeous!
I went from stubby, bitten, impossible nails to getting compliments on them weekly. You're one luxury I'll never give up, & I actually SAVE money since I'm not buying nail products weekly that never helped anyway. It's a pleasure to see you every two weeks and you make me feel comfortable while I'm getting my nails done and beautiful when you're finished. Love you!

by Ella Elise Phillips

guest book 4-28-2009

Thank you Tawana for this wonderful, unforgettable experience. I LOVE MY NAILS.

I wrote the longest yelp review 8400 words, but have to cut it short since it's yelp limit to 5000.
If you would like to read about LCN... you can check out Tawana's site here or here's another website where I found some info on LCN:
I walked in and was greeted with a warm welcome by Tawana. It was almost like a consultation at first when she asked me several questions on what I would like done, if I wanted to keep my length or have my nails longer, I felt she really cared in what I wanted to achieve in having my nails done and that alone is a Huge plus to me. She explained thoroughly on pricing, what she was doing at each step in the process of LCN, she practically didn't leave anything out! I learned so much that day.. I felt as if I was a student learning LCN for my benefit. It was such a great experience.. nothing like any other I ever had in getting my nails done. She was Very professional and skilled at her craft. I felt I was well taken care of and her service was top notch! I was specifically looking for a design for my nails and she nailed it! Haha get it??? Seriously I explain to her what I want and she visions it or something where she knows the finish product. It turned out EXACTLY how and what I wanted.

I absolutely am in love with my nails. I can't stop staring at them! I smile everytime I glance at the sparkle LCN gives...  I hate acrylic nails.. I really do, but I luvluvluv LCN!!! No harsh harmful odor when getting your nails done, looks so real, non-porous, so they protect the natural nail and do not discolor over time. And it looks sooo beautiful!! I had many compliments ever since and half were good-looking men hehe... can't believe they even notice those things!

Only concern I'll advise you all... when you put your nails in the purple light to dry, watch out for ANY burning sensation even it's a slight one. Oh my goodness, the first time I felt that and I took my hands out too late... my pinky was throbbing in pain as if someone slammed a door on it. It only happened when you get it done the first time, so brace yourself!!! Tawana will explain everything beforehand , but here's a heads up so you'll be prepared.

The whole process took less than 50 mins. And there's no dry time, so once you are done.. you can go about your business.. and not worry a darn thing about your nails at all! I love it, because I mostly hand wash my clothes, clean the house.. yes I can be a tomboy too! So I'm rough on my hands and this doesn't even bother me at all!

Tawana's price is very reasonable and she's the first to do LCN in Las Vegas!!! In CA, the prices are ridiculous..  I'm happy she's very fair with her pricing on all her services, especially the way the economy is still under the loop.

I will tell you this... my experience with getting my nails done with Tawana was the first greatest experience I ever had in getting my nails done.. ANYWHERE. I was exhausted from work, hardly any sleep, was called the morning for more work, even though I had to go to work again that very same day but at night... I didn't care at all.. Tawana made my day and I left there smiling and giggling to myself admiring her work she done on my nails. I was on Cloud 9 and loving every bit of it. I had a burst of energy too just from how kind hearted Tawana was and how she cared enough to share with me about my nails, LCN, and what I wanted to achieve.

At the end, another special surprise added to my experience... she told me she gives all her new clients a welcome gift that consist of fridge magnet of her business info ( very cute ), a red see through pen with her info. also on there ( she has plenty so I took many, it's really a stylish pen, and writes great! ), a mini Solar Oil to brush on my nails to condition my cuticles and strengthen my nails ( smells so delish! Like almond lotion), a mini 5 ml LCN Diamond Touch leg lotion with glitter made from Germany, and a post card that's a voucher for $5 off your next return visit and also would you like your next service for FREE?  Tawana states on her post card:  A referral from a client is the nicest compliment you can give me.  If you refer just THREE of your friends or family, I will give you your next service absolutely FREE as a token of my appreciation.  I think that is so nice of her to do.

***So please please please mention my name SUKI if you decide on getting LCN done on your nails.***
If you want to experience LCN, exceptional service, fair reasonable price, be completely impressed getting your nails done for the first time in your life... go see Tawana. I drove out of my way in Summerlin to see her and it was well worth the trip because I received the Best treatment and the Best service I could ever ask for in my life.

by Suki L. 7-7-09